Vanguard community (VC) is a Muslim community of Nigerian people of African descent residing in England, coming together to create an enabling environment for social, economic and religious interactions, where everyone’s potentials are discovered and developed for the betterment of the community and the wider society.

Vanguard Community was formed as an informal family gathering by Muslim professionals of Nigerian background residing in and around Dagenham Essex England over a decade ago. The aim of the group then was to provide an opportunity for the families to promote common interest in religion, education, social, finance, culture and other communal welfare activities which they share. The families met once every month at homes of community members. The events organised by the group became very popular which attracted more members.

The increased membership meant that family homes were no longer able to accommodate us during our various events and we had to hire community halls to hold our monthly gatherings. The requirements by other organisations to properly identify us lead to the decision to register as Vanguard Community in 2017, a company limited by guarantee.

We have evolved into a national organisation over the years due to some members relocating outside of Essex whilst others living in other counties also joined as members. The community remains dynamic and an all-round family-oriented organisation. We encourage education, economic empowerment, social and religious participation, cultural engagements and family support networks.

Our Members


An exemplary and dynamic local Muslim community that implements Islamic teachings, trains its children to be excellent role models, serves the Muslim community and humanity in general.


Establishing a strong local Muslim community, promoting Islamic values, empowering our future generations, fostering better understanding of Islam and ensuring community cohesion.

Aims & Objectives

To create an enabling environment where understanding of Islam in its authentic form reigns by equipping individual members with Islamic ethics and morals.
• To improve the social and economic well-being of community members by creating a welfare system that supports the less privileged and those in temporary difficulty.
• To secure the future of our community through all round development of our children by focusing on economic empowerment, social interaction and academic excellence (Islamic and conventional).
To build a community that will propagate the message of Islam to people of all races. 

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