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        Membership Conditions

Membership of Vanguard Community is open to all people of Nigerian origin who normally reside in England. Membership is also open to spouses, relatives and associates of people of members of Vanguard Community residing in England. Other people who are interested in or fascinated by Nigerian cultural heritage and normally reside in England are also eligible to become members.

       Becoming a member

New people who attend any of our events and fulfil our membership criteria are usually encouraged to join by filling out a membership application form which can be either submitted immediately or mailed. Intending members can also request a soft copy of the application via email or download from our website – Successful applicants will have their details added to membership register maintained by the secretariat.

      Registered Member

A registered member is a person whose name appears on the official record kept by the General Secretary of Vanguard Community and fulfils all conditions of membership above.
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